Management Production for Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Linked In, Tripadvisor, Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitter.

What is Social Media management and how can it help develop an idea?

First we would like to focus on how unique it is that with the help of the internet we can be informed and interact on a global scale within a few seconds.

With the help of social media you can show your audience (followers) and other users your new offer, your opinion on a topic, your product and much more… with one click!

Let’s start…

Our main priority is to analyze the whole idea together, to see what your products, services are and to which audience they really appeal. Based on the targeting, we will create the ideal exposure for you on the ideal social media.

There are tons of social media platforms out there, each serving a different audience, purpose, and goals. We handle account creation and content development on most of them. As we also create targeted content for the publications, specifically visuals, videos but also text with calls to action for immediate interaction. We evaluate the results and suggest new ideas for optimizing your digital presence.


Analysis Research

Creating Social Media Accounts

Publication plan development


Content planning

Publication management

Evaluation Development

We create and manage content for the following platforms:
Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Linked In, Tripadvisor, Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitter.

  • Create a timeline.*
  • Create a profile photo on all platforms.*
  • Complete listing of business information for a better user experience on your social media.
  • Connection to your website and Social media services.

*depending on the plan you 'll choose

  • Setup and connection of Google Drive - Connection to Google Suite and google my business.*
  • Tutorials - We provide you with full platform-specific guidance.*
  • Consulting Services for Google my business.*

    *depending on the plan you 'll choose

  • Monthly statistical reports depending on the target location and suggestions for improvement.*
  • Data Analysis - User Research - Business Research and creation of Personas - Business Research and competition analysis.*
  • Social Media Monthly Planning - Creating a Topic in pdf.
  • Campaign Creation - Strategic promotion plan (depending on the package you choose, the corresponding amount of campaigns will be created for each social media platform. Based on the content and the goal of the business, audience targeting will be done to achieve maximum ROI).
  • Social Media Display Organization - Creative display of posts. eg Instagram Feed / Instagram Highlights.

*depending on the plan you 'll choose

  • Create a short reference text for each post.
  • Enter Prompt Text for a complete user experience.
  • Enter Company information such as contact phone number, address, etc.
  • Hashtags Research - Entering targeted hashtags.
  • Programming and Publication of the monthly media plan.
  • Publications as Posts and Stories in the majority of publications.
  • Send invitations to those who liked the posts on Facebook to follow the page.
  • Basic image editing, Cropping-Straightening a photo and optimizing it according to the post.
  • Placement of extra ready-made graphics, eg logo, sponsor or anything else you wish.
  • Archiving in a shared folder (drive).
  • Animated Story or video of 15'' duration.
  • Send Processing File.
  • Archiving in a shared folder (drive).
  • Creation of a single-sided graphic in any dimension requested.
  • Send Processing File.
  • There is the possibility for 2 draft files, for more files there will be an extra charge of €30 per file.
  • Archive to a shared folder.
  • In the event that it is not requested within the month, the estimate will not be carried over to the following month.
  • Editing of audio-visual material and creation of videos fade in fade out, logo, texts, free music (basic edit).
  • Send Edit File and Archive to shared folder.

These services are an additional charge to the company. In any case, you will be informed in detail before the completion of any action.

Of course it is possible, you can contact us and we will adapt the package ideally for your business.

The material that will be in the posts (images and videos) is not included in our services, however, it is possible to provide you with free stock material from multiple websites.

Otherwise, you can view and select a package for your business

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