Text, Images, Video, Links, Posts, Products, etc.

What is Content Management?

When we talk about content management we refer to the process of creating, collecting, processing and delivering any form of information in any medium. Anything can be considered content: from images to video, audio, multimedia and text. All content has a life cycle that needs to be managed: from creation to storage / deletion.

Content management has different names, practices and goals in different industries and organizations. But it is always a collaborative process aimed at managing and overseeing different versions of a piece of content as it evolves from its initial to its final version. Content is managed digitally.

Each category of digital content has a corresponding tool for its management. These content categories generally include social media content – ​​Social media content management, website content Web content management (also in the form of data).







Product registration in e-shop

The e-shop product registration service is aimed at those who are starting out in e-commerce (e-shop) or who already have an online store built on the Woocommece WordPress platform. The registration of the products is done in such a way that the Google search engines highlight the products in a good position according to the On-Page SEO rules. Some of the details we give you are:


  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Photos
  • Specifications
  • Video link
  • Product Sale Price
  • Stock status (in stock, out of stock, on pre-order) etc.


By managing the website, we ensure that it is optimized and constantly updated about your item on the internet. A website that is not optimized and not updated, looks abandoned, resulting in a negative image of your business. Your website must be structured correctly and beautifully and be updated with articles, products, company news, etc.

You can send them to us via Mail, Google Drive, WeTransfer, DropBox or another service.

Texts should be in an editable format (Word, notepad, Mail, etc.) and not in a non-editable format (pdf, image, etc.)
Images must be in jpg, jpeg, png.
Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and updated with their URL.

At your suggestion, we can use free stock material from multiple websites, or if you wish, choose LogoMotive's photography services, in order to have unique photos that will make the difference.